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Everything seems important

Until they become yesterdays

The Naked guy
14 February
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About me:
I used to be afraid to tell people who I was, in fear that it would open me up and get me hurt. I realize now that I cannot be afraid of being hurt or I will never feel any other emotion. Well, here it goes.. I am almost 18 years old, I have the most beautiful, amazing girlfriend anyone could ever ask for. We have three wonderful kids and someday hope to have more. Right now I live in washington and she lives in PA but that wont always be the case. Other then my family, I love playing drums, taking pics, partying, sleeping, and eating. I work over night so I am supposed to sleep 8 hours during the day, sometimes that doesnt happen but oh well.
All things in my journal and profile are made by or owned by me unless otherwise stated, so if I find it somewhere else I will report you.



My family:
First, and foremost, my mother and my sister Remi. They passed away in 2006, I love you both so much, and miss you.


Wow..I dont know where to begin with how much I love her. We have been together only a few months but I knew from the day I met her that I would be with her forever. I am so in love with you baby.


He is going to be 5 in a few months, he loves playing video games and giving hugs. He just started school and likes calling me the naked guy.


Tori is 3 years old, her favorite colors are pink and blue. She loves to watch movies and play v smile, she rides her bike and runs around everywhere.


Landin turned one last november, he loves talking to himself and laughing at mommy. He will eat almost anything you give him and he loves to get into trouble.